Infertility Treatment

If you have been trying to fall pregnant for a year, and you haven’t yet conceived, you may have some concerns about infertility. You’re not alone – one in six couples will experience difficulties conceiving as a result of problems with ovulation, fallopian tubes, endometriosis, male or combined factors.

Infertility treatments can make a real difference, and with advances in reproductive medicine our pregnancy success rates are higher than ever before.

Don’t delay seeking fertility advice

Importantly, we now know a woman’s natural fertility declines with age. So if you are aged under 35, please seek medical advice after 12 months of trying, and if you’re over the age of 35 you should look into infertility treatment after 6 months of trying for a pregnancy. Whatever your age if you think there is a significant chance you will have problems becoming pregnant because of issues in the medical history of you or your partner, seek advice immediately. Wo Sie Ihre Stückgut halten, führte Henry, wie die Schnittplatz und Sam Gembitz ein Dutzend Schrauben Tuch untersucht, die in einem Haufen gegen die Wand aufgetürmt wurden. Das ist genau das, was ich weiter dachte, Henry, Sam rief. cialis generika online